Wearable apps are self-explanatory due to their names, its very easy to guess that they are the applications which drive the integral part of wearable devices. 

Wearables own a new face with Apple watch, Google glass & the much in discussion HoloLens. With the changing face & phrases of wearables & wearable apps, there is also a noticeable change in the finance of this industry.

Statistics that “Total revenue of nearly $28 Billion generated in 2016  with an expected revenue of $34 Billion by 2020,” for wearable devices is enough to shift your interest towards them. For new entrepreneurs & businesses the market has huge potential.

And these facts ultimately conclude the immense market potential & requirement of wearable apps.

So, when market demands for something SKYBEAM always remains ahead in the competition to deliver it.


  • 1. Custom Wearable Device App Development.

  • 2. Android wear Application Development.

  • 3. Apple Watch Application Development.

  • 4. Augmented Reality App Development for Wearables.

  • 5. Testing of Apps for Wearable Device Compatibility.

  • 6. Recreating Existing Apps for Wearables.

How SKYBEAMS remain a pioneer in delivering amazing wearable apps?

  • By remaining Experts in Developing Native apps for Apple watch OS 2 and Android Wearable SDK

  • With our  App + Customer Centric Approach

  • With our Innovative Design & Prototyping for Wearable Apps.

 Wearable devices are already into market and  in use by individuals so with the help of SKYBEAM’S you can enhance their amazing experience by serving them with user friendly & interactive wearable Apps. The demand in this industry is never ending as people crave for more updated and better version of applications over time which is an open business opportunity for everyone.